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The Holy Temple of Miyavi

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Adopted from xel1980
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LOOK! we have a CHURCH....and we have a TEMPLE! like OMGWTFBBQ!

I see you've stumbled across our little community, so let me inform you a bit on what we're all about. miyavists is pretty much spawned from the creative minds of a few members of miyabi_dear, as a way to show their love for the talented and lovely j-rock artist, Miyavi.

WHAT?!?! You don't know who Miyavi is?? x.x Well here, take a look...

better yet...look at this one....

credit xel1980 for resizing~

Miyavi is a j-rock musician. He is insanely talented and adored by millions. He was formerly in the band Due'le Quartz where he went by Miyabi, but when he went solo, he changed his name to Miyavi.

So there is a brief bio. If you need any more info on him, consider looking him up on Wikipedia, cause the information there is quite good. Sounds interesting huh? Well wait until you hear his music.

Now that we know that (and for those of you who already knew), if you're a die hard Miyavi fan, this community is for you. Join now! :D

-Please keep all posts related to Miyavi. You can post anything, as long as it has to do with him.

-Fangirl-ish outbursts are okay, but refrain from taking it too far or you will most likely be made fun of.

-This community is not that serious! Don't get offended by the things you see here, alright? And if you think you might...don't join.

-put all insanely large images under a cut >_> *goes and edits posts*

want to brainwash recruit new members to the Church of Miyavi? Put this banner in your user info!

More banners here, check it out! And if you would like to donate banners to the community, see that post as well. ^-^

Join Me!
Join Myv in bed! ♥

Miyavi's official site
Miyavi's diary
translations are often posted here or at miyabi_dear
Night in Girl
One of the largest Myv fansites online.
Another great fansite, with alot of pictures and pretty much all things Myv. ♥

Yet another wonderful fansite, great for those just getting into Myv. ^-^

If you're on DeadJournal check out their miyavi community miyavi_desu and go post something! ♥

your mods for the evening...and forever.
zombiphile NiKi
questions? email theprettiestzombie@gmail.com


fx_xk Setsuna
questions? email sayurixstrife@gmail.com


freakyne55 Hireko/Sarah
questions? email freakyne55@yahoo.com

cult_of_miyavi is our sister community! ♥
letsbeambitious is our other sibling community!! ♥

We're also affiliated with jrock_service!

jrock_service is the place to find ANYTHING you need, jrock-related. They allow you to request translations, graphics and media of any jrock band...so if you've been searching all over for something and haven't been able to find it, check them out and they might be able to help. ^-^

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gakuhaieev-Adding a little something extra to the popular couple GackuHai...Meev. ♥

Yay mood themes! ^-^

Searching for pictures of Miyavi?
This gallery's where they're at! ^-^

If you would like to be affiliated with miyavists, simply leave a post in the community about your community and wait for a mod to get back to you. We'd prefer your community be Miyavi, or at least j-rock related.

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As a Final Note.....