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Miyavi Houston Fashion Check

Miyavi (Neo Tokyo Samurai Black Tour '10) Houston Fashion Check

Who: Miyavi Fans
What: Fashion Check
Where: Downtown Houston, House of Blues
When: 07-04 approx. 6 P.M.
Why: For the Fans! <3

It's the end of his North American tour! And Miyavi decided to celebrate with us! Coming back to Houston for his second time (first was April '09), he rocked it out on the 4th of July. But first, what about the fans and fashion? They kept their outfits as sizzlin' hot as that very day! Thanks to everyone that participated! Your unique answers and personalities, and of course fashion, are appreciated! Houston, my hometown, we rocked it. Everyone, way to work the moves and scream til your voice hurts! Does it? 'Cuz mine does.

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